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Education, Training & Development

Social Media – keeping updated in a rapidly changing world

KelledyJones Lawyers is offering an exclusive recording of our Social Media session aimed at all Council officers and employees, exploring the impact of social media on the workplace, the use of social media by councils and the impact of social media as a means of communication to and from council.

Practical Training: Council Member Post Election Essentials 2018/2019

Don’t do too much too soon”, is the message we are hearing over and over from councils about the mandatory training.  Accordingly, KelledyJones Lawyers, together with UHY Haines Norton and Leader’s Coach, have developed an incremental training methodology that provides council members, whether returned or new, with the essential knowledge to commence their 4 – year terms of office.

  • Click here for more information on the training delivered by KelledyJones.
  • Click here for more information on the training delivered by UHY Haines Norton and Leader’s Coach.

Caring about Caretaker: Navigating the caretaker period?

KelledyJones Lawyers is offering a 45-minute briefing session to assist your Council navigate the caretaker period. Unless your caretaker policy provides an earlier date, the caretaker period commences on 18 September 2018.

The session includes the following:

  • What decisions can and cannot be made during the caretaker period?
  • What is a ‘designated decision’?
  • What impact does the Council caretaker policy have?
  • How should Council resources be used during the caretaker period?

The session can take place before a Council or Committee meeting or can be delivered at another time of your choosing, including to a group of Council employees.

Michael Kelledy or Natasha Jones will deliver this session. For further information please contact Michael on 8113 7103 or or Natasha on 8113 7102 or

Legal Verification of Rates Declaration 2018/2019

KelledyJones Lawyers is, again, providing councils with the opportunity to enjoy the peace of mind that their rates declaration process will withstand scrutiny and, in a worst case, challenge. We have been providing this unique offering for over a decade.

Workplace Relations Updates 2018 – Union Rights of Entry

By special request, another session has been added to our Workplace Relations Workshop sessions. This session will focus on Union Rights of Entry, exploring when councils can say No. Given the importance of these matters for councils, it important to register now. If you wish to discuss delivery of one or more of our Workplace Relations sessions in-house, or on a regional basis, please contact Chris Morey to arrange.

The New South Australian Employment Tribunal – What does it mean for you?

KelledyJones Lawyers is pleased to offer a series of workshops in the first half of 2018 focused on key issues in managing staff. The workshops are beneficial to council CEO’s, Directors (or equivalent) and HR Managers and will discuss the growing role of the South Australian Employment Tribunal, the management of termination, unfair dismissal and the requirements for effective, practical performance management.

The workshop will run for 2 hours.

WH&S Mock Trial & Contractor Awareness Seminar

KelledyJones Lawyers present a fun , interactive session for Council contractors to gain awareness of their obligations, centered on the drama played out in a WH&S prosecution.

The seminar will run for 2.5 hours  and will include a mock trial and role play of a workplace prosecution in a court environment.

Report Writing Workshops

KelledyJones Lawyers are pleased to offer a Report Writing Workshop for Administrative staff at all levels, incorporating the application of the confidentiality provisions under sections 90 and 91 of the Local Government Act 1999.

The workshop will run for 3 hours (with a short break) and will include practical exercises regarding report writing and drafting confidentiality orders. The workshop will provide attendees with a clear understanding of the principles of good decision making and the importance of good report writing.

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