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Lawyers for local government


Local Government Law and Administrative Law

Advice about the application of all laws that apply to local government which extends to all relevant legislation and principles of Administrative Law.

Planning and Building Law

Advising and representing councils in development related matters, particularly appeals and enforcement matter arising under the Development Act 1993 and Regulations.


Advising and representing councils and statutory authorities in all matters arising under its regulatory functions including but not limited to public health, food, animal management and road related legislation.

Environmental Law

Advice regarding environmental law and related issues, including waste management, land, contamination and native title issues.

General Litigation

General commercial litigation, including defamation, rate recovery, bankruptcy and debt recovery.

Liquor Licensing Law

Advising and representing councils and statutory authorities in matters arising under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

Employment Law

Employment and industrial relations advice and representation, including equal opportunity and workers compensation.

Commercial Law

Financial arrangements, general contract and commercial advice, intellectual property (including trademarks, designs, patents and copyright), trade practices, competition policy advice.

Property Law

Strategic property advice, contracts, leases and licences, management agreements, acquisitions and disposal of property, Land Acquisition Act (compulsory acquisitions) conveyancing, community land issues and other property matters.