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LG Alert -PDI Act Amended Again (December 14th, 2017)

Further to the amendments to the PDI Act which occurred with the passage of the Statutes Amendment (Planning, Development and Infrastructure) Act 2017 earlier this year (see our previous Alert here), another Act to amend the PDI Act has just received assent – the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (State Planning Policy) (Biodiversity) Amendment Act 2017.

As its title suggests, this new Act inserts a new section – section 62A – which requires the Minister for Planning to ensure that there is a specific state planning policy that concerns the enhancement of biodiversity and minimising adverse effects on development on biodiversity within the State.

This new SPP will be called the “biodiversity policy”.

SPP’s are the overarching planning policy documents which define the State’s planning, priorities, goals and interests and create a framework for the creation and amendment of regional plans and the Planning and Design Code.

We await the release of the biodiversity policy with anticipation.

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