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LG Alert – Ombudsman SA report reminder to Councils (March 21st, 2017)

Late last year the Ombudsman tabled his report in Parliament, following an audit of Local Government “internal review of decisions” policies and procedures, more commonly known as ‘section 270 reviews’. On 20 December 2016, KelledyJones Lawyers, by way of one of our ‘LG Alerts’, informed councils as to the Ombudsman’s findings and recommendations in this regard. A link to the LG Alert can be found here.

The Alert outlined the matters addressed by the Ombudsman in his report and identified those matters for which the Ombudsman required a response from all councils.

Importantly, the Ombudsman has required those responses by 31 March 2017, being that all councils:

  • confirm in writing full compliance with section 270; and
  • consider and report on the option of developing regional panels of independent

This email is a brief reminder to all CEOs to ensure that their Council’s response is provide on, or prior to, the deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or require any assistance in preparing your response, please contact our office